Moving Tips

ABCs of Moving – a Glossary

What’s it all mean? As you prepare for your move some of the lingo may leave you wondering.

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Packing Tips – for the DIY set

It’s a lot of work but you can save money by packing yourself. We’ve got the packing supplies and the advice to help you pack like a pro!

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Student Moves

It can be crazy but with advance planning and some know-how, you can save your sanity!

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Avoid Peak Times

Month end is the busiest time – can you move a week earlier or later? If you can’t avoid peak times, book well in advance!

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Is a summer move best for families?

The weather’s friendlier, school is over for the season but the destination may be lonely until September.

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Which Service is Best?

There may be more service options than you think … what will fit your needs?

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What Kind of Move?

There are basically 4 types of services available to you: The first is the “no frills” move. You rent a truck and you pack, load, drive, unload and unpack yourself.

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How Much Does A Move Cost?

A professional estimate is the best way to find out … but where do those prices come from? Make sure you do your research!

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Cost of Local Moves

Moving across the street? How much will you need to budget?

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Cost of Long Distance Moves

It’s all about the weight … this might be the time to purge your closets and cupboards!

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The Best Way to obtain an Accurate Estimate

Quotes completed over the phone or online can give you a ballpark – only an in-home visual survey can provide the most realistic estimate of your moving costs.

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