Do it Yourself Moving

There are so many things to consider at moving time, the whole experience can be a worrisome prospect. But you can help yourself make the move go more smoothly by planning and preparing ahead of time.

A do-it-yourself move can look different depending on just how DIY you want to go. From doing your own packing and letting movers take it from there to renting a truck and taking on the entire task yourself, there are definitely many variations and you know what … Walker’s/Capital, in partnership with United, has great options for whatever degree of moving independence you want to apply to your relocation.



Many of our clients choose to pack themselves. The advantages are many: giving yourself a chance to sort, declutter and thin out accumulated belongings; not having others go through your personal possessions; applying your own organization to the packing up of your house; just to name a few. The disadvantages? Packing is a lot of work! It’s time consuming! And packing your own items can be a slower process since you’ll be evaluating and perhaps reminiscing about many of the items that you pack up.

We sell a wide variety of packing supplies to help you take on the challenge of a self-pack. Boxes to fit everything that should go in a box, newsprint and bubblewrap to protect your goods, packing tape to secure your boxes, mattress and sofa bags to protect your upholstered furniture.

We can also provide you with tips to ensure a damage-free move. From what size box to use to how to properly wrap  items and tape up your box – we’ve got the expertise and our handy tips will make your packing experience an efficient success! Check Packing and Moving Boxes and Supplies




Flexible Move

The flexible, do-it-yourself moving system that comes to you

Moving on a budget? At one time, do-it-yourself moves meant renting a van or a truck and then driving a vehicle you’ve never driven before – on roads you may have never driven before – to your new destination, sometimes having to make several trips and loading and unloading the vehicle several times. Thankfully, Walker’s/Capital and United offer better solutions when you move, renovate or need temporary storage.

Our economical Flexible Move system gives you the flexibility and cost-savings that come from loading and unloading yourself – while leaving the stress of driving to us! 

Flexible Move is great way for local or long-distance moving to be tailored to your schedule and needs. You book the size of container you need, we deliver it to your location, you load it and we’ll return to transport your container to destination. No driving headaches for you but all the benefits of a do-it-yourself move! [Download the flexible move flyer here]

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